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TADIC is run by doctors, counsellors, nurses and receptionists who seek to improve the health of young people.

After 25+ years of going strong the service is still an essential part of the community, servicing the well being, sexual health and contraceptive needs of our young people.


Ruth Padday, a GP working in Hedge End, attended a conference in 1994 in London about young people’s sexual health. As the young people in the local area had no local provision for their specific needs and her practice had an available building adjacent to the surgery, it was felt that this would be an ideal opportunity to create a Teenage Drop-In Clinic. Giving young people complete privacy eliminating the embarrassment of meeting a neighbour or relative at the surgery. 

The Teenage Drop-In Centre (TADIC) opened in September 1995.

After 25+ years of going strong the service is still an essential part of the community, servicing the well being and sexual health needs of our young people.


TADIC offers a range of clinical services for young people local to the Hedge End area up to 19* years of age (*up to 24 years of age for Contraceptive Implants). 

We provide contraception and emergency contraception, STI screening and treatment, pregnancy advice, referrals and counselling. 

Young Peoples Wellbeing Services (YPWS) comprises of TADIC and EYCS (Eastleigh Youth Counselling Services) which offers free, confidential, non judgmental counselling to young people aged 11 - 19 years old. 

For some young people, it may be difficult to know exactly what you need. The friendly and approachable staff at TADIC will work with you to identify the services and support that will help to keep you safe and healthy enabling you to make good decisions about sex and relationships. 

TADIC staff are respectful, honest and open so you can talk to them about anything that is worrying you. They work hard to build trust and maintain confidentiality, whilst maintaining a robust approach to safeguarding. 

We are passionate about empowering young people, building their self esteem and encouraging self care. The friendly, non-judgemental advice and support you receive from us will help you be just be yourself and make choices that are right for you. We know that by having this approach, it ensures you are safe, happy and well.

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